2003-08-22 16:36:11 ET

Today is one of those days where I wonder why I even bother. I think I need a better time slot. Maybe not. Who knows? I hate playing music just for my cat as I was for the first hour.

Thanks for listening Miss Insomnia so I'm not just playing music for my cat. I'll stop complaining now.

2003-08-22 16:46:32 ET

yay FAV. I'll listen whenever I can now that I have my own computer.

2003-08-22 16:47:48 ET

Sykoradio in general has been pretty blah lately, listeners-wise. Perhaps it will pick up in popularity in some time. I'll tune into your show next week, I promise :)

2003-08-22 16:50:15 ET

glad you enjoy it. i'm worried though, i haven't felt too inspired with my show lately. this will be the last one for a couple of weeks since i'll be out of town. maybe i'll be inspired again when i get back.

2003-08-22 16:50:54 ET

thanks CyberrPunk.

2003-08-22 16:52:48 ET

ive attempted a plethora of times to listen, but my icrack just wont let me...cursed machine...

2003-08-22 17:40:45 ET

heh...sorry... i wanted to hear it but was....detained.... ya....

*whistles innocently*

2003-08-23 05:35:42 ET

where did my radio banner go? vas?

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