2003-08-24 15:21:10 ET

New pictures. I like the one of me explaining to the rev how I can tell it's my lighter. I'm sure there will be more pics to come. I still have sand in my ears!

2003-08-24 19:13:26 ET

Okay... so how can you tell that it's your lighter? You have me curious now...

2003-08-24 20:20:42 ET

horrible pot-smoker habit. i tend to tamp a bowl down with my lighters. there is always a burn mark on the bottom of the lighter. so now you know.

2003-08-24 21:05:09 ET

ahhh... okay, that makes sense.

2003-08-25 09:59:54 ET

wow, what a pretty beach locale. :)

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