One more day...
2003-08-26 18:55:10 ET

...and I'm on my way to Tucson for two and a half weeks. Wish me luck.

2003-08-26 18:57:38 ET

Have a safe journey...and a safe return.

You will be missed...


2003-08-26 19:04:19 ET

Have fun in the land of nothingness.


2003-08-26 19:10:18 ET


2003-08-27 05:30:00 ET

Good luck.
Have fun.
Take pictures.
Do things that will make interesting journal entries.

2003-08-27 17:12:52 ET

thanks guys.

Bio - i do a lot of things that would make interesting journal entries, i just choose not to share. :-P

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