Can't Take It Anymore...
2002-06-18 21:32:16 ET

I have an appointment to get my hair cut and dyed by my friend Donna on Friday. The dreads must go!

2002-06-18 21:41:58 ET

were they itchy?

2002-06-18 21:47:08 ET

They are getting that way. Itís just getting to be a messed up mat because Iím too lazy to maintain them.

2002-06-18 22:19:45 ET


2002-06-19 07:31:06 ET

I thought dreds where the ultimate lazy person's hairstyle?!

2002-06-19 08:24:16 ET

what sort of style will you be getting done?

2002-06-19 08:38:14 ET

blacbloc, dreads eat each other if one does not go through and pull them apart on a daily basis. i tend to throw them into pig tails and leave them that way for days.

ant, i'm going to try and leave the dreads at the very front and go with short and spiky in the back. i don't know if will work. i might ultimately wind up looking like susan powters(sp?) again.

2002-06-19 08:42:33 ET

very nice, i can't wait to see them! are you colouring it, too?

2002-06-19 08:53:03 ET

1)That sounds like sum gooooooood hair! Dreads in front and spikey in back would be cool--you could dye them diff. colors and have two sets of hair, LOL.

2) There's nothing wrong with bald grrls;)

2002-06-19 11:34:22 ET

donna does great work, she does karens hair

shes cut mine once (right after i cut off my dreads too!!) she does good work, though her hairstyles tend to be the kind that you have to go back and get trimmed every 2 weeks..

2002-06-19 12:12:06 ET

hrmmm ... i've been looking for a new hairstylist to keep my shortshort stuff all hip and spiked - would she maybe be taking new customers?

2002-06-19 12:50:50 ET

shes all about it, shes @ leapin lizards up on nw 21st

shes totally cool..

just call em up, you usually have to make an appointment a coupla weeks in advance. they are really busy

2002-06-19 13:16:30 ET

very cool, thanks so much for her info!
though i just got mine chopped up, i'll need to go in again soon (short hair grows way too fast!)

2002-06-19 15:42:26 ET

dreads are never for the lazy people. the lazy ones have an awful set of hair. dreads, locs [the politically correct word these days] take alot of work to make them look nice.

i just came from being bald a few months ago. i got my hair done two days ago. i cut out my relaxer and swear to live life natural [afro hair] from now on. so i got an undercut in the back and i am only going to grow out the top so i could loc it in a couple of months. a sculpted bob of locks where there would be a diagonal bang over one side of my face.

2002-06-20 12:48:38 ET

hey Washu, how much does she usually charge for just a cut?

2002-06-20 13:22:11 ET

she's not cheap, i've paid $60 for a cut and dye from her before.

2002-06-20 13:28:46 ET

that's not bad for a cut and dye - i went to a salon once that charged $40 for a cut and $60 for a dye (on my short hair, too)

2002-06-20 14:04:14 ET

I'm her friend and she does cut me a deal. i have no idea what she charges normally.

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