Happy to be home
2003-09-12 17:09:04 ET

Don't worry. There will be a huge cross-post about my trip soon. But first, it looks like I get to go see Dead or Alive tonight. *bounce*

2003-09-12 17:12:30 ET

Glad you made it back. We missed you.. well I did at least :D

2003-09-12 17:56:04 ET

before i clicked the link, "brand new lover" started playing out in my head...

2003-09-12 18:32:54 ET

have u seen it yet??????????

one of MIIKE's best films!

Gotta luv the 'kiddie pool' scene -hehhehehe LOL

2003-09-12 20:31:28 ET

no...i havent been out to the movies since...last christmas...

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