My Friday
2002-06-19 17:25:32 ET

The store I work at was broken into very early this morning. I thinks that it's the same fuck that did the same thing last year. It was like a weird flashback when I came to work today. Just like before they smashed the glass in the front door, walked through it, smashed the front counter, stole trays of silver rings plus a tray of beads, and didn't touch anything else. They didn't even touch the till. The last time this happened they left one tray of rings that were all silver and amber, worth a lot more than what they did take. Dumb-asses.

We did have a witness and I recognize the perp's description.

2002-06-19 17:36:06 ET

awww, sorry that's horrible thing to have happen. Hope they catch 'em.

2002-06-19 17:39:00 ET

They better catch the guy before I do. I'd like to put my foot faaaar up his ass. grrrr...

2002-06-19 18:44:07 ET

ah thats so lame!

i love your store. people are really weird when they steal stuff.. its never what you expect.

i hope you guys catch the guy. theif's burn in hell!

2002-06-19 18:46:02 ET

I've cursed everything in the store to break if it gets stolen. :P

2002-06-19 21:02:19 ET

Was there no alarm? I guess a voodoo curse is just as well--tight werk;)

2002-06-20 00:00:44 ET

yes there was an alarm, and a motion sensor, and a mic., but someone was asleep at the monitor. they didn't set off the door alarm because they just broke the glass, they didn't break the circuit.

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