2003-09-21 13:11:12 ET

The A.M.F. korset modeling went well. I was surprisingly calm and not too nervous going up on stage in front of a lot of cameras and weird fetish lifestyle people. I got to "throw" DJ Ronabell to the stage and hold a large gun to his head. Fun, fun...I can't wait for the pictures to turn up on-line, as I have no idea how I looked in my outfit.

Today I have so much work to do around the house. We have the first of the new roommates installed into her room. The next one will be starting to move in next weekend and the third November 1st. I expect the house to be a semi-chaotic mess until then. The most I can do is keep it swept, the kitchen clean, and keep my room as a tidy little island in the chaos.

2003-09-21 14:05:34 ET

ohh pictures!!

2003-09-22 08:31:00 ET


and good luck on the roomies. :)

2003-09-22 23:01:36 ET

maybe, maybe...

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