Show #36 playlist
2003-09-26 17:10:02 ET

Black Lung - Theme from the Black Lung 2
Einsturzende Neubauten - Armenia
Architect - demo track 3 (I'm starting to feel robbed, Daniel. Where's the album?)
Tarmvred - Kanyl
B-TON-K - Sprawl
Download - Attalla (Haujobb rmx)
F/A/V/ - Die Frau Mit den Nogeln
Pain Station - Anxiety
Dive - Lies in Your Eyes
Haujobb - Tame
Kalte Farben - Again
Pzycho Bitch - Come Back II
Front 242 - W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G.
Pigface - Hips, Tits, Lips, Power
Sheep on Drugs - Crime Time
KMFDM - Money
Big Black - He's a Whore
Foetus Interruptus - Don't hide It Provide It
Skinny Puppy - Morphous v2
The Klinik - The Knife
Juno Reactor - Insects
Implant - Impact (Mlada Fronta rmx)
Hrvatski - Kid 606 rmx


This has to be one of my most favorite shows so far. I got a flow going that I don't feel that I've had in months. I had fun. Thanks, people who listened. :-)

2003-09-26 17:34:34 ET

a big w00 for Foetus :D

2003-09-26 17:36:25 ET

If you're not djing right now, who the hell am I listening to?

2003-09-26 17:40:28 ET

Einsturzende Neubauten - Armenia
I ahvent heard that in forever. I should have listened.

2003-09-26 17:43:42 ET

rev - it get reset to basic broadcast when no one is djing.

2003-09-26 18:00:32 ET

Ah.. I was wondering why the music sucked.

2003-09-26 18:12:48 ET

revjohn - yeah, you should have. :-P

2003-09-26 18:17:42 ET

Even I listened in, and I don't even like washu that much. :)

2003-09-26 18:21:50 ET

you lie! :-P

2003-09-26 18:23:10 ET

Only sometimes. That was an instance of it. I do like you.

2003-09-26 19:07:09 ET

I listened for most of the show. It was the entertainment for my little get together I am having here. Good stuff and you know I always love Black Lung.

I enjoyed the convo the other day. You sounded alot different than I expected you would :P

2003-09-26 19:26:19 ET

You actually got her to talk?

2003-09-27 09:50:38 ET

I am very persuasive.. VERY..

2003-09-27 15:48:20 ET

What'd you threaten her with?

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