2002-06-20 12:01:50 ET

I'm on now...

Do you dare to listen?

2002-06-20 12:03:00 ET

we dare, I better get some bloodhound gang or i'm gonna' be foreced to come over there and engage in some ungliness;)

2002-06-20 12:09:03 ET

daring right now.

2002-06-20 12:13:05 ET

don't worry blacbloc, your request is fulfilled.

2002-06-20 12:14:40 ET

yayyyyyyyy! *jumps around to clock dva!

2002-06-20 12:34:52 ET

Lard?...ummmm, will you marry me? LOL

2002-06-20 12:43:28 ET

you keep going from chat but i don't see you enter...

2002-06-20 12:49:27 ET

it won't let me enter or type anything today for some odd reason:(

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