New Pix
2003-10-16 20:06:26 ET

Thanks to my friend Adam. This is only a few of the best out of many, many pictures taken last night. Couldn't keep Mr. Grim off of me after showing him them. :-D

2003-10-16 20:12:46 ET

I like the new pictures, very spiffy.

2003-10-16 20:28:40 ET


2003-10-16 20:29:15 ET

friggin awesome.

2003-10-16 20:48:37 ET


2003-10-17 06:45:01 ET

very few girls of the pale complexion can wear such dress...i like this set...its a bit more fun than the last...

2003-10-17 07:41:09 ET

those pictures are great. I think you should walk around in cheongsam all the time. Toting a flying guillotine over one shoulder.

2003-10-17 15:18:59 ET

nice legs :>

2003-10-17 15:31:15 ET

oooo...thanks. :-)

2003-10-23 13:56:01 ET

wanna be my sugarmomma?

2003-10-23 14:22:51 ET

yeah right! i need a sugardaddy!

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