Show #40 playlist
2003-10-27 12:40:13 ET

Download - Trick Or Treat
Coil - Airborne Bells
Black Lung - The Invisible College
Hexedene - Dreams Of the Witch House
Lustmord vs Metalbeast - Open Towers Emerge
Venetian Snares - All the Children Are Dead
XOL Dog 400 - C'thulhu
Andrea Parker - In Two Minds
Panacea - Mothership 2
Download - Possession
Pain Station - Flatline
Decoded Feedback - Re-Animation
Hocico - Poltergeist
Haujobb - Yearning
I, Parasite - Horseslayer (premix)
Skinny Puppy - Manwhole/Icebreaker
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Burning Dirt
Alien Sex Fiend - Dead and Buried
Christian Death - Cervix Couch (one by one)
Sisters Of Mercy - Kiss the Carpet
*Swans - Blind Love
The Cramps - Rockin' Bones
X-10 - Phantom Limb

*denotes request

Oops! I let the death rock side of me out of the closet this week. I'll be putting that back now. Next Friday I'm taking the day off. Autophonic Vaudeville's DJ N/A may be filling in for me. We'll see...

Have a happy Halloween!

2003-10-27 21:06:50 ET

if i get over being sick...

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