My little sis in Iowa
2002-06-23 19:56:41 ET

"the CD of your shows is great! I guess i can play it on my computers media player...i didn't know i could, but i can...yay!
I haven't listened to them all yet, but my favorites so far are...
Big Black-The Model [and Index's version too], Free to wear black--its funny!!
VAC-Mental Depression, Destroy Mass Media, Skinny Puppy-Burnt With Water...
So yea, awesome, i love it!

Anyway, thanks again ::grin::
I'll talk to you later
Love you,

I gave her a disk containing shows 3, 4, 5, and some extra stuff. I think the avi file of Arsenic smashing emo scumm to :W: got on that disk too.

Heh, she likes Kompressor.

2002-06-24 05:34:56 ET

But who doesn't like Kompressor...really. That's awsome that you've got some fan mail though! Glam out baby!

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