2003-11-25 23:12:20 ET

The first day of work is over. Mr. Grim picked me up and much pool playing and PBR drinking followed at Yur's. I'd write more but I must be awake at #$*%ing eight in the morning to be at work by ten.

BTW: This week there will be no show due to the new work schedule. I will be back next week and should be fine after that. My manager was very sympathetic to my Sykoradio needs due to it being music related.

2003-11-26 06:22:52 ET

hey, where are you working now? i just started my work this week too

2003-11-26 09:46:33 ET

yeah were are all you peeps working?

2003-11-26 10:30:08 ET

currently, im training up on 39th and powell. my permanent office is still to be decided.

2003-11-26 17:21:08 ET

i'm at Music Millennium on NW 23rd.

2003-11-26 17:41:35 ET

wash-i dont frequent music millenium very often though i here they sometimes get some noise vinyl occasionally...
burn-hopefully it isnt too much out of your way...

2003-11-26 20:58:00 ET

noise on vinyl there? HA! you might get lucky with some Merzbow, but that's about it. i'm already kind of depressed by working there two days. i wanna be at Ozone UK instead.

2003-11-26 21:32:42 ET

i lement the days that ozone is not one...the noise was soo much grander...and now its turned to a handful of merzbow and muslimgauze...with the ocasional power electronics disc thrown in...
i went to a record store down here in sd that used to have a decent sized sextion for noise...but it seems that i was lucky to squeeze a menche and jazzkammer cd from them...
at least you have some form of employment now though...

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