2003-12-03 18:00:16 ET

It's not because I don't love you. It's because there is a beer fest. Ummmmmmmm...winter warmers...*drools*

Uhhh...local peeps, I will however, be spinning at the Backroom this week, after consuming beer at said beer fest.

2003-12-03 20:58:41 ET

Have fun at brewfest!

2003-12-03 21:39:06 ET

you won't be there?

2003-12-04 07:48:45 ET

Nope, I have the boys this weekend and finals next week...

no fun for me.

2003-12-04 09:27:02 ET

you'll be spinning whilst spinning? :D

2003-12-04 14:17:41 ET

i plan on going down to the beerfest for at least a few beers. pending gabriel not being sick.. i guess he got sick today, if he is still as bad as he was today, tomorrow, i will unfortunately have to go straight home after work.

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