Show #7 Playlist
2002-06-27 14:25:46 ET

The Klinik - Recognition (long version)
Click Click – Shadow Black
Fluke – Slid (Glid)
Implant – Frequency III
Attrition – The Mercy Machine (remix)
KMFDM – Help Us, Save Us, Take Us away
Haujobb – Eye Over You
The Dust Brothers – Single Serving Jack
HMB – Everything
Silke Bischoff – Felix in the Sky
Clear Vision – Revenge (original demo)
B-TON-K – Lower You!
Kalte Farben – Drywet
Skinny Puppy – Manwhole/Icebreaker
Soma – Amphibious Premonitions Bureau
YelworC – Sacred City (extended version)
Forma Tadre – Celebrate the Cult
Das Ich – bin ich es denn…(dem ich den traum)
Pigface – Go!
:w: - Bunker Gate 7 (german texture)
Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod (redline/whiteline version)
Butthole Surfers – I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas

Until next week…
God, dog, sex, death, life…

2002-06-27 19:07:02 ET

i can't play the radio station. it stalls like a mother! i only have 56k. so that t1/dsl format that you guys have is just killing my windows player.

2002-06-27 19:14:47 ET

i wish that wasn't so...
i broadcast at the lowest setting that i can and be in stereo.

2002-06-27 19:17:16 ET

i think that is why most people aren't listening to the radio like they should. however, alot of people in general have complained about live365 for years. i know i have. it has never streamed well over the past serveral years, no matter what computer i used.

2002-06-27 20:53:01 ET

Very clever set as always. I had to go to work so I only caught the first half or so--at least I know what I missed out on now!

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