What I Learned Today:
2003-12-26 17:20:36 ET


Main Entry: cal·li·pyg·ian
Pronunciation: "ka-l&-'pi-j(E-)&n
Variant(s): or cal·li·py·gous /-'pI-g&s/
Function: adjective
Etymology: Greek kallipygos, from kalli- + pygE buttocks
Date: circa 1800
: having shapely buttocks

Leave it to those crazy Greeks to come up with that one.

2003-12-26 17:44:56 ET

*takes notes*

2003-12-26 21:11:15 ET


I bought my uncle a book called "the big book of filth" for christmas, and it just has lists of all sorts of slang words for various sex related things.

Poontang apparently is taken from the french word "poutan" meaning "whore"

So many things one can learn

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