Resolutions for 2004
2004-01-03 01:07:23 ET

Must work tomorrow (or should I say today?) early-ish, but here I am anyway.

This year I plan on:

-quitting drinking cheap beer. If I can't afford to buy myself at least one pint of something good (and being content with that one pint if I can't buy more) I flat out won't drink. No taking mercy pints...nothing...My beer karma is high enough! Kick me if I start sulking at people drinking around me.

-not letting my S/O's excessively moody behavior eat me; he has his days, I have mine, whatever...

-getting my GED and start looking into grants to further my ejahmacashun.

-taking my vitamins! They've kept me alive on a diet of beer and fast food this long and kept the flu at bay this entire winter, I should keep it up. I should cut out the fast food though.

-spending less time in front of the computer.

-getting a job that makes more than minimum wage.

I can't think of anything more right this moment. I need to go to sleep.

*takes a slug of her Deschute's Jubelale*

2004-01-03 01:11:25 ET

I start GED classes at the end of this month. :-)

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