2004-01-03 01:28:30 ET

At a loss on what to do for my background. I need a change. Here, ejoy a classic pic from last year. God, how I love lava lamps...

2004-01-03 08:14:55 ET

...maybe a little too much?

2004-01-03 16:04:16 ET

I bet the lava lamp had fun.

2004-01-04 13:20:29 ET

the lava lamp was definitely into it.

2004-01-07 07:37:26 ET

finally saw the pic of the bf. nice!

just look at the lava lamp, cyber. it's clearly enjoying the experience.

2004-01-07 15:05:28 ET

he smells good too. :-D

there is one other pic of the lava lamp and me taken moments before this. let's just say the lamp was not quite as...er...excited yet.

2004-01-07 15:15:18 ET

I know that monosyllabic posts like "meh" and "heh" are sooo 2001, but...heh.

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