2004-01-07 19:26:26 ET

This year I take biomechanic's stance on snow.

Dear Snow,

I moved to Portland for a reason, not to see you. I hate you. Please melt.


C. English

2004-01-07 19:32:23 ET

I moved here to be rid of the shit too. I have never seen 26 so empty. In both direction not a single car. This much snow is nothing in Tahoe, but here no one can drive in it.

2004-01-07 19:40:45 ET

move south =)

2004-01-28 17:53:08 ET

I often ask my parents why they immigrated from Ireland (cold & damp) to friggin' Toronto (friggin' frigid & friggin' snowy).

Then Antoire turns to me and asks me why she came here too...
I really hate the 43 cm of snow we got in one night. poop.

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