With a Big Toothless Grin...
2002-06-30 19:05:01 ET

Saturday came and went. I of course made lots of $$$$ for my boss. The highlight of the day was when this retarded man came into my work. He was really twisted looking like he may have had cerebral palsy. He looked around the store for a moment then came back to the front. He said something pretty much unintelligible to my co-worker Jessica. And to me, he turned, smiled, and gave the big thumbs up. Not one tooth in the man's head...

2002-06-30 20:09:14 ET

how can you go wrong with the ol' "thmbs up"!

2002-06-30 20:11:48 ET

i just smiled and waved, it was cute.

2002-06-30 20:22:54 ET

lol, you probably made his day!

2002-06-30 20:35:05 ET

Where is your Lenin in your favorite bald men? :)

2002-06-30 20:38:44 ET


i'm not totally a commie, just possibly a socialist...

2002-06-30 20:41:25 ET

no but still, hes bald... xD Neither am I, because im still learning, i'll probally consider myself an amature at it until i die, unless I write a book on it, which then... still i'll probally consider myself not prone to it. The nazis considered themself socaialist.... :: Shakes fist :: they were not tho... and all the ignorant people think socialism is nazist, atleast some of the people i've talked to

2002-06-30 20:44:07 ET

I wanna' be bald too *hmmmmmmmmm*

2002-06-30 20:44:37 ET

I look really bad with a shaved head... and i get ALOT of 'nazi' comments

2002-06-30 20:46:28 ET

...i would polish it with high-gloss every day!

2002-06-30 20:47:23 ET


2002-06-30 20:53:00 ET

socialist and national socialist...worlds apart...

2002-06-30 20:54:24 ET

And sometimes the nazi party sometimes they don't include the "National" part...
And then you have the Green party which will have the Communist symbols and the Nazi symbols...
No one is gonna like them due to that.

2002-06-30 20:56:42 ET

Washu, always makin' new friends;)

2002-06-30 21:04:53 ET

had to take interest in GodMachine, he has :w: wall paper.


2002-06-30 21:05:55 ET

I do?OHhhh in my room.. haha, yeah and Suicide Commando and FLA and Velvet Acid Christ, some KMFDM too :) cause im the coolest kid in my school

2002-06-30 21:07:30 ET

guess so. :)

2002-06-30 21:10:54 ET

my friend is making me a picture thats suppose to be me... and he made me holding a :W: flag, i'll post it in alittle bit

2002-06-30 21:54:31 ET

i uploaded that picture, go look at it! soon as you can!

2002-07-01 00:33:59 ET

"Brush your teeth, before you go to bed, or you will wake up with no teeth in head."

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