2004-02-19 02:41:19 ET

I still haven't had a chance to comb through and save my favorite pictures from Andy's Mad Max party. Maybe this week while doing my show.

YEAH. THAT'S RIGHT. I'LL BE BACK THIS FRIDAY. (my boss got my memo)

*edit non-working picture link. Here's the web link instead:


Bend over.

2004-02-19 07:36:48 ET

she lives...maybe its me, but i dont remember a post from you for weeks...

2004-02-19 08:59:25 ET

i really haven't been around for days. between work and the boyfriend who likes to monopolize my spare time (like I mind) i just haven't had the time to sit in front of my machine.

2004-02-19 20:52:24 ET

you know you always get youre best ideas when your away from the machine...

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