2002-07-02 21:29:55 ET

Today I went into one of our other stores (3 More Monkeys) looking for stuff to use in a new display in mine. What did I come across that was a must have for me, a vintage leather medical bag in excellent condition. It's the size of a small duffel bag, good size for weekend vacation airline luggage. We get bonuses in the form of store credit and I used some of mine for the bag, $59 not from my pocket. I love my job...

*looks for the mink oil*

2002-07-02 21:53:28 ET

where do you work?

2002-07-02 22:05:42 ET

at 3 Monkeys on NW 23rd. did you see the gallery?

2002-07-02 22:09:47 ET

no i didnt, cool!

2002-07-02 22:38:39 ET

uh what do they sell there anyway? ive seen the place but never been inside

2002-07-02 23:04:09 ET

lots of useless and near-useless stuff. gifts, novelties, vintage things, bar glassware, every freakin' thing you may need if you want to start you're own tiki bar...the list is very long.

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