More Pics
2002-07-05 18:23:44 ET

I will be contributing $$$$ to this wonderful site two weeks from now (when I can afford it) just so I can have a larger gallery.

I promise you; less reading, more funny pictures!

(Bio, there are some BBW goth chicks for you)

2002-07-05 18:25:17 ET

larger gallery to contain your MONSTROUS VANITY??


2002-07-05 18:28:40 ET

why yes!

2002-07-05 18:41:58 ET


oh dearie me we appear to share a certain goofy ass dance move when in mockery mode!

2002-07-05 18:42:06 ET


2002-07-05 19:06:48 ET

Big Beautiful Goths?

BIO WINS!!!11!!11!!

Did you know? It is possible to win I have.

2002-07-05 21:08:38 ET

I want that big-eyed mew!

2002-07-05 21:31:33 ET

he is all powerful...

2002-07-06 18:35:20 ET

I have noticed a considerable increase of boobs in your galleries. Keep up the good work :D I saw your happy picture and it really scared me. I cried. Really I did.

2002-07-06 18:37:29 ET


i was feeling rather odd and sickly that night. but i like to make that face at the camera a lot.

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