Riddle me this...
2004-04-03 01:43:01 ET

Am I wrong in being so forgiving of bands that use vocal distortion? Is it something that can be used as an enhancement to the music, or is it an easy way out?

My personal observation, it can be used for good and evil. What say you?

2004-04-03 02:27:14 ET

There's definately some bands that use vocal distortion to enhance their music, but then, there are alot of bands that use it to be annoying.

2004-04-03 04:32:29 ET

Vocal distortion can be a good thing. Some bands have beautiful music, but the guys on vox just can't sing to save their lives. I'd rather hear a distorted voice than somebody that sounds like a drunken kareoke bar patron.

2004-04-03 05:16:06 ET

haha a drunken kareoke bar patron wouldn't sound that bad right now to me :)

2004-04-03 05:32:40 ET

The only times one of those people doesn't sound bad to me is when I'm drunk, or they're dying.

2004-04-03 05:40:35 ET

but a drunken kareoke bar patron being run through a disortion box or modulation dealy would be funny.

2004-04-03 05:43:37 ET

True. And instead of sampling movies, we could sample the sounds made by the drunk as we beat him to death with the distortion box afterward.

2004-04-03 05:51:16 ET


And that's where the "funny" part would come in. Preferably drunken frat boy kareoke patrons

2004-04-03 06:18:23 ET

Nah. Frat boys have their uses. They tend to make good human shields during drivebys. I'd rather use Ms. Spears.

2004-04-03 22:43:23 ET

the best thing to do(which i have!!!) is bring those kids toy voice changer megaphones to karaoke!


Mr. Roboto and The Hurdy Gurdy Man have NEVER sounded better!

2004-04-04 00:11:41 ET

It'd probably do wonders for my buddy's rendition of Meatloaf's "I Will Do Anything for Love".. he sounds like Barney after a bottle of cheap vodka.

2004-04-05 09:58:07 ET

agreed. i just like the idea that a little goes a long way

2004-04-15 05:57:32 ET

well being a lover of distortion of all shapes and sizes, id rather hear distortion if i guy cant growl nice and proper. sometimes alot of distortion goes a long way, its peoples ability to use it right is what i always question, because so many just dont know how to make a decent chain...

syn-all r.h. yau used at noisefest was a mega mouth and a stack of pa's...deffinately rocked...

2004-04-15 21:31:58 ET

thanks for the feedback. the question came from an argument between my music critic boyfriend and i. he is vehemently against any *current* industrial that uses it. he will pre-judge a band purely by their use of any vocal distortion, regardless of how well composed the music is. it's kind of annoying.

i like it when vocalist mess with the effects instead of leaving it be and singing in a monotonous voice.

good examples:
Michael Krauss of F/A/V (lots of emotion, does not use the same vocal effect every song, mixes in and out of multiple effects in various songs)

Nivek Ogre (of course! he obviously always was covering up the fact that he couldn’t sing. I mean, him singing Sid Barrett’s Scarecrow is proof enough. but damn, he was the master of mixing it up)

bad examples:

Ronan Harris of VNV (always sings with zero emotion, sounds like a robot)

Peter Devin of the new yelworC (using the distortion to make himself sound like yelworC’s ex-lead, Dominic Van Reich, comes off sounding like he’s trying a little too hard to be spooky)

2004-04-16 06:55:55 ET

so what...does he like future pop then? cause last time i checked alot of the good/top selling electro industrial bands use effected vox...

aghast view/biopsy
pierre point
leaether strip
funker vogt

i always hate those whiny "hes showing so much emotion vocals"...they tend to come off as some pop crap, and loose \all the edge that was ever there...

2004-04-16 10:14:36 ET

that's just it, he does not like anything current. all the old stuff he loves listening to has plenty of effects, but heaven forbid if a current act uses distortion. the use of vocal distortion is synonymous with industrial music, it alway has been and always will. i think he is being highly unrealisic in expecting industrial vocalist to use their normal singing voices.

2004-04-16 10:18:13 ET

Helium is where it's at for vocal fx

I really wanna see the Chipmunks follow up 'Chipmunk Punk' with:


2004-04-16 10:26:22 ET

we were at a show about a week ago where this spazzy electronic punk band played. i think the were called Debaser, but i don't remember for sure. anyway, the singer was using something to make himself sound like a crazy chipmunk. you probably would have liked it.

won't helium mess up you vocal chords after a while? can't use it too often.

2004-04-16 13:54:49 ET

then youll have to go millie vanillie and pre record so you dont fuck you voice box...
maybe hes just not liking what he hears in general in the new material people are putting out. i havent been hearing much from the industrial crowed thats been wetting my whistle as of late, but with every genre there is a lull point here and there...so hopefully things pick up...
but it sure makes me glad im making noise right now...

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