Show #60 playlist
2004-04-23 15:00:31 ET

One late playlist...

Andrea Parker – Melodious Thunk
Amon Tobin – Rhino Jockey
Black Lung – The Depopulation Bomb
Monolith – 4D61 6B72 6F62 696F 6E69 6B (Makrobionik)
Ammo – Ghost Phalanx (Panacea mix)
Asche – Your Bomb
B-TON-K – Walking the Way of the Anal Sadistic Warrior
Feindflug – 2000 Volt
F/A/V – Abschalten
Laibach – Du Bist Unser
The Klinik – Quiet In the Room (Eskil Simonsson mix)
Einstürzende Neubauten – Yü-Gung (fütter mine ego)
Haujobb – Yearning
Skinny Puppy – Antagonism
Nine Inch Nails - Memorabilia
Coil – The Snow
Leætherstrip – Nose Candy
Lords of Acid – Lessons In Love
KMFDM – Friede (rmx)
Foetus – First and Last and Always
The Punk Group – Heineken


I wish I had some words of wisdom for this week, but I don’t so I’ll plug two upcoming shows instead. If you have been under a rock for the last few months, you might not know that Neubauten will be in Seattle May 5th at the Showbox. If you see me at that show, buy me a drink. I’ll have been 31 for all of 24 hours that day. :-D

Secondly, Gogol Bordello, my favorite Eastern European punks ( immi-core!), will be at Berbati’s Pan on May 10th . Crazy, cabaret, beer-soaked insanity. Very recommended.

I’ll be back this Friday with yet another show. I bet you can’t wait. ;-P

2004-04-26 05:57:23 ET

"Leætherstrip – Nose Candy"

my favorite strip song and i wasnt listening cause i was recording...

2004-04-27 23:00:21 ET

you're always busy. i guess i understand.


2004-04-28 08:17:36 ET

you should come out and see me of my next shows will involve beer at some benefit on the 11th of june...ill have more details later of course...

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