Distorted Disco - Show #61 playlist
2004-04-30 14:55:35 ET

Hrvatski – Pulse
Tarmvred – Kanyl
Imminent Starvation – Even Stars
Asche – Zapped
Black Lung – Gizmo Prediction Fallout
Xingu Hill – Bandwidth Barons
Mlada Fronta – H2O
Architect – demo track 1
Andrea Parker – In Two Minds
Amon Tobin – Chronic Tronic
Kanno Youko for the Cowboy Bebop ST – Tank!
Foetus – Cirrhosis of the Heart
KMFDM – Lufthans
En Esch - Ich Bin
Pigface – Alles Ist Mine
The Revolting Cocks – Cattle Grind (live)
Ministry – Golden Dawn
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – Nervous Xians
Einstόrzende Neubauten – MoDiMiDoFrSaSo
Alien Sex Fiend – Stress
Big Black – Heartbeat
The Punk Group – Magic Carpet Ride


I went to a show last night that I was supposed to see The Punk Group at. We got there right after they had left the stage. Drat! Oh well, they're local so I'm sure I'll get another chance.

Speaking of another chance, I get to see Skinny Puppy June 11th. The only other time I had a chance to see them was around '92 when they were on their "Last Rights" tour. I was living in Green Bay, WI and they played Minneapolis, MN. My b/f at the time went to it without telling me that the it was happening. Of course I found out where he was that weekend. I still curse the name of Bob Maloney. Fucker.

2004-04-30 16:17:33 ET

w00t tuned in and rockin out

2004-04-30 16:18:52 ET

glad you could join us. :-D

2004-05-02 07:44:42 ET

i dont know if you could trust a guy whos name rhymes with balongy...

2004-05-02 20:53:49 ET

i lay the blame on the Irish. damn Irish!

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