2002-07-08 19:36:19 ET

Today I had some yahoo from Idaho ask me on a date. I was sitting at the front counter writing up an order for the store.
yahoo: what's up!
me: not much
yahoo: are you ordering stuff?
yahoo: what's your name?
me: (narrows eyes) i don't feel comfortable giving out my name*
yahoo: how old are you?
me: (chuckles) a lady never says her age. why?
yahoo: i just wanted to know if i was old enough for you
me: oh
yahoo: do you have a boyfriend
me: uh, yeah
yahoo: i guess he would object to me asking you out on a date?
me: yeah
yahoo: would you like to go see a movie? please? before i go back to idaho?
me: (chuckle)no
-goes back to writing the order

Got to talk with my ex, the one I used to travel and bought a house with. The visit was good until we got on the subject of the house. We nearly got into an argument about removing me from the mortgage. We both realized it immediately and managed to keep the conversation civil.

I'm in a weird mood now. However, I'm happy that the rev rinsed out the half-full mayo jar he left out on the counter last night.

Shout out for other peeps also in a weird mood:
Axo, m0xie, Furax, Bio, and SiS
O_o o_O o_- -_o >.< :P :D<--------me trying to make funny faces and cheer everyone up...<BR>
*past adult boutique employee/manager, i don't like giving my name to customers

2002-07-08 19:45:24 ET

hey. SiS and I are the fone right now. And yahooing. :D :D

:) weird mood jinx to you

2002-07-08 20:33:12 ET


I was having weird moods before it was popular.

axo, m0x, furax, sis, und you are just posing off of me.


2002-07-08 20:46:59 ET

awww bio

*hands bio an emo hankie*

2002-07-10 18:18:21 ET

I am always in a wierd mood... stop fapping at images of me BIO.

2002-07-10 18:53:12 ET

I refuse!

2002-07-11 08:06:29 ET

have you seen the back of vasa's SEXY head? :P

2002-07-11 08:07:12 ET

Haha, no... should I look out for it? ; )

2002-07-11 08:08:41 ET

go rummage around vasa-forever.com.

2002-07-11 08:09:21 ET

Gasp... I don't think vasa-forever.com is work friendly material!

2002-07-11 10:50:08 ET

dammit ... I am gonan take all pics of mysel foff my site you nasty men.

2002-07-11 10:52:33 ET

Look at how my Jesus is looking down upon you, vasa!

He is crying and looking at you!

2002-07-11 11:00:03 ET

one hand is wiping tears

but the other is FAPPING

oh geez, this is washuthreadpollution, isn't it? :D :D

2002-07-11 11:04:39 ET

Thread pollution??

What's that?!?!11/!?!

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