"Shrink wrapping is the only way to protect kids from the ferocious Cicada."
2004-05-24 21:45:45 ET

This made me laugh today:


From the FAQ:

What do Cicadas eat?
Human children are the primary source of nutrition for Cicadas.

Me and my silly love of cicadas... I still want a box of exoskeletons.

2004-05-25 07:12:39 ET

I live in cincinnati, I'd send you a bunch if they wouldnt break in the mail

2004-05-25 08:39:42 ET

you could mail them in a sturdy little box, packed in cotton balls (not tightly). :)

2004-05-25 17:25:52 ET

hehe... that would creep me out if i opened up a package i got and it was full of exoskeletons

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