2004-05-28 00:28:45 ET

Made lots of headway tonight sorting out my belongings. There is now a large pile of things I intend on selling next weekend sitting in the living room. I went through all my attic stuff and weeded out three full boxes of packaged toys alone. If I'm lucky, this could raise enough money to get a few more bills paid off plus yield money towards the security deposit on a cheap studio. I also want to make enough that I can mail out certain forgotten items to special people.

Ay yi yi! Things feel so up in the air right now. Anything is possible. I'm waiting to see which of the four winds picks me up and deposits me. Where? Will I stay here? Will I wind up in another state two months from now? The wanderlust in me is quite high. It would be nice to have a van to make my mobile home. I could just strategically park near work until I had enough gas money saved to blow this taco stand (so to speak).

So far there has been no word on the plant nursery job that I applied for or Ozone UK. Nothing really interesting or good has been listed to craigslist. San Fran, LA, and Seattle's listings have been looking very interesting job-wise -or at least more promising.

I guess I'll run the first official announcement; I'm planning on having a porch sale next Friday and Saturday. Hopefully lots of odd, unique, not so unique, collector's, some furniture items will be sold over next Friday and Saturday, the 4th and 5th. Things will be marked, but negotiable on price. Make me a deal I can't refuse! Think of it going to a good cause. I will make sure there are refreshments for all.

Almost needless to say, this will cancel. next week's show. I should go to bed now so I can get up bright and early and plan out my playlist for this week.

The grouch made it to Chicago safely. T minus eight days and counting...

2004-05-28 03:07:44 ET

Isn't that sort of cleaning/sorting the greatest? I sold/gave away/donated so much stuff before we moved - I even made over $300 consigning old "career wear"!

Best of luck with your sale etc.

2004-05-28 08:56:35 ET

keep us informed of your decisions! I hear about jobs in LA from time to time...of course San Fran and Seattle are wonderful towns. How exciting!

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