2004-06-07 00:43:15 ET

Ever had one of those moments when you are totally confused as to what you did with something? I'm having one of those right now. There is no way I could have lost this particular item between the front porch and my room. I checked my pockets and have retraced my steps to places I've been between the time I was out on the porch this evening and my room -including places I don't think I went just for good measure, just in case...



2004-06-07 05:14:52 ET

Unfortunately that happens to me all the time....

2004-06-07 07:43:50 ET

I do that alot as well. I did that a few weeks ago with my weapon. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I had lost it...very very very scary.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

2004-06-07 09:15:25 ET

yes ill have to concure that i have that problem as well, damn things that like to hide in places where i dont know to look things...

2004-06-07 11:25:03 ET

One time I really thought I was losing my mind - I lost my keys for over 2 days - (I had a spare set, thank goodness) I literally turned the house upside down and inside out. Then as I was standing in the kitchen, I noticed the gray cat was bapping something with his paw... the little bastard had been playing with my keys all along and had hidden them in a corner under some books.... needless to say, both cats are now happily outdoor cats!

2004-06-07 13:32:11 ET

Said item was found. As I said in my lj post, "it's always the place you least expect". In this case, in my coat sleeve, not my pocket. (too rational of a hiding place)

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