Skinny Puppy
2004-06-09 10:31:24 ET

This was published today. It pretty well sums up my feelings on the new album, I wish I could express those feeling as eloquently as my grouch.

2004-06-09 13:15:02 ET

w0rd to that article.

i figure every band is entitled 1 horrible album. if said band can pull their heads out of their collective asses with a really killer show they may be half forgiven.

2004-06-10 05:05:24 ET

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.... the first song on the CD is "ok" but then it just goes so rapidly downhill.... and the rapping!! AAAAA! GGGGEEEEEZZZ!

2004-06-10 14:26:11 ET

ghostman was tolerable.
ditto to past present

2004-06-10 16:32:13 ET

I still have yet to get a second listen to the album. I'm going to have to steal my boy's promo copy.

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