2004-06-11 15:07:09 ET

Off to the SP show. No radio today of course.

2004-06-11 16:38:51 ET

I would like a full report!!!! :)

2004-06-11 23:35:35 ET

It was "GOOD"

...but not great.

They relied too much on media more than props and theatrics.

I laughed soooo hard when Ogre couldn't get his pants off!!!


2004-06-12 06:04:49 ET

waaaaa?????? hahahahah!!!

How so did they rely more on media, what do you mean?

2004-06-12 07:01:28 ET

breaks out calculator...ah $28=new cdr release or 2 split cassette releases...

2004-06-12 16:48:42 ET

They had a giant projection screen which kind of distracted attention from Ogre. No real on-stage theatrics, like what they're famous for. The show was a bit too rockin' for my tastes. I still wish I had seen them way back on that Last Rights tour.

SIN - I was way back away from the stage. I missed the pants incident. What was he trying to do?

2004-06-13 03:01:17 ET

OH.... thats kinda disappointing

2004-06-13 13:00:56 ET

he was stripping his costume...fawkin' hilarious!

2004-06-13 14:58:44 ET

Mal - I know. I do still think it was worth it to be there though. I never thought I'd ever see them live.

SIN - Damn my preoccupation that night! I should have been trying to get up front. I remember seeing him on stage in a plain white wife-beater and thinking to myself "how strange".

2004-06-13 15:40:59 ET

did they play any old material?

2004-06-13 16:51:42 ET

yeah, plenty of it. VX Gas Attack was a highlight of the night.

2004-06-14 04:36:36 ET

YAY for good old stuff!!!

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