Show #65 playlist
2004-06-18 15:00:23 ET

Haujobb – Haujobb’s State
Dulce Liquido – Psicosis
Ammo – Ghost Phalanx (Panacea mix)
Black Lung – The Depopulation Bomb
*skipped mp3 – dead666 problem
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern – Monster
Architect – Grand Diesel
Foetus Inc. – Diabolus in Musica
Test Department – Compulsion
Einstürzende Neubauten – Vanadium-I-Ching
Download – Base Metal (rmx)
Coil – Things Happen
KMFDM – Rip the System
Velvet Acid Christ – Lysergia
Wumpscut – Ain’t It Mad, Yet
yelworC – Combat
Skinny Puppy – Nature’s Revenge
Babyland – Test Pilot
HMB – Everything
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Lovely Creature
Pigface – I Could Do No Wrong
The Jesus Lizard – Gladiator
Big Black – Precious Thing
Ministry – Golden Dawn
Soma – Arcane
KMFDM – Thank You


Sorry about the delay in posting the playlist. We had a storm blow through right when I finished broadcasting yesterday. So instead of risking my machine getting zapped, I turned it off right away. We had a lightning strike close to the house last storm which did send a surge and knocked out our power for a few hours. Luckily I had the foresight to shut down the computer that time as well.

Anyway, here’s the playlist. Those that listened, thanks. I may or may not be back next week as the situation with Live365 is kind of pissing me off.

DJ Medusa

2004-06-18 18:37:15 ET

i love that trevor brown drawing of you and the madmax photo, you are so cool looking and of course i love your hair.

2004-06-19 12:41:47 ET


Now I wish I was the inspiration for that Trevor Brown pic. I feel like her a lot.

2004-06-19 14:12:37 ET

oh, i thought it was you? it looks like you.

2004-06-19 18:23:38 ET

No, I wish, it just looks kind of like me. This guy somehow drew a picture of me as well -with a few more accessories than I normally wear.

2004-06-19 19:08:22 ET

oh, i like that. he is really good.

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