2004-06-21 13:13:45 ET

I need a job bad. I got my final check from MM today. I had to walk to the SE 7th Ave. post office to get it, then back up Sandy to the Hollywood Fred Myer - long hot walk. It was enough to bring my bank account back up out of the red. Crossing my fingers that I get an unemployment check on Wednesday to cover the electric bill that I wrote a bad check for today just to keep it from being shut off. Thank you Wamu for giving me that $500 over-draft protection.

Plaid Pantry called me for an interview at 8am tomorrow. I don't really want to work for them, but they start at $9/hr. and offer education assistance. I could easily sling junk food and beer.

Time to start tracking down some other needed resources. There's gotta be someone that can help me with a Tri-Met pass so it's easier for me to get to a potential job. *starts digging*

At this rate Iím going to have a tan from walking everywhere in the blazing hot sun.

2004-06-21 13:56:19 ET

i get a discount on tri met passes at were i work...i think they are about half what they normally are but i wont know until i buy one for myself within the next month or so...

2004-06-21 14:06:34 ET

A lot of places offer that, just none I've worked for. I had the sweet set-up a couple of years ago when a roommate was hooking me up with one of his coworkers that didn't need theirs. Can't go wrong with an all-zone for $20. That person is long gone though.

I just e-mailed TriMet asking them about it. Hopefully they have something good to tell me. I don't mind if I have to sit in some social services office at 8am and prove how poor I am to get it.

2004-06-21 15:21:25 ET

god i feel you about walking. i feel my skin baking from the road heat. the tan has happened on this side though. good luck with everything..

2004-06-21 17:51:57 ET

i work a 5 min walk away from my house...unfortunately thats going to change by the end of next month and ill be moving somewhere else...

2004-06-23 00:21:42 ET

Good luck with the job hunting!

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