Things to do, full weekend
2002-07-10 17:55:33 ET

-clean the massively filthy kitchen (including the floor in preparation for axo-visit)
-clean the bathroom
-rip mp3s for tomorrow's show
-take out the recyclables
-take the mountain of beer bottles to Fred Myer's for the deposits
-go to the Portland International Beer Fest on Friday
-put a shirt on before I leave for Embers tonight (it's freakin' hot here today!)

2002-07-10 18:36:13 ET

- send Telal money

...I tried slipping it in. :)

2002-07-10 19:01:48 ET

no, no, no....send me money ;P

*happy she found her Shag "Space Cat" tank top*
ready to go!

2002-07-11 08:08:17 ET

shirt free Washu! :D

2002-07-11 15:46:21 ET

beer fest??

damnit im broke

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