2004-07-13 00:49:09 ET

I haven't had a late night by myself for weeks. I'm usually up late only if the I'm with the grouch or I get caught up in following links on the net. Lately I watch a movie when I'm alone. It almost never fails to help me fall asleep. But tonight I've been sitting here following links. I spent this last hour reading Hunter S. Thompson's odd mix of sports and politics on ESPN's web site. I like his explanation for Bush's approval rating drop. Really, what patriotic, red-blooded American would go to bed early during the Superbowl? The shame...

Spoink! seemed very interested in me. It would be an easy job as it is essentially the exact same thing I was doing at 3 Monkeys with a lot of the same product. The only real difference is it wouldn't be quite as lonely. I would have the girl next door at the ice cream shop to yak at if I got too bad. Miss Brandy and Miss Chelsey know what I'm talking about with loneliness and 3 Monkeys. So many days spent in that shop having to call the other stores to harass people just to talk to someone -the months after Christmas being to worst since I would be lucky if I got one or two customers in a day with the slow down. I hope Spoink! (yes, I will continue to use the exclamation point, it's in their name) at least allows me to read when I'm not busy. Anyway, everyone cross your fingers. I think I want this job.

The donated muscle relaxants and smoke are starting to wear off and I feel myself waking up more and more. I find myself wishing I could work on my next show, the only other thing besides this journal I use for catharsis sometimes. It would be good to have a stack of CDRs for making mixes on at least. I need to keep my mind off of John hitting L.A. by tomorrow. Diablo can only work for so long before I get bored and frustrated buy the uselessness of sitting in front of a video game. Packing is something I could be doing, but not at 2 a.m. . Maybe I should just try to sleep.

2004-07-13 06:16:24 ET

its good to see youre still alive...

2004-07-13 09:05:20 ET

just barely.

2004-07-13 13:54:21 ET

heh...me too. probably one of the worse financial summers...and i even got a job...damn moving...

2004-07-14 13:54:34 ET

this is one of the worst years yet for me. i may not be in PDX for much longer.

2004-07-14 18:09:54 ET

shit...going back home? im sure the employment rate is way better...

2004-07-15 11:45:18 ET

ha! maybe not. i got a call today from Spoink! i think i have the job.

2004-07-15 14:06:51 ET

cool. i hope it works out for you...good luck and evrything that goes along with well wishing...

2004-07-16 05:10:21 ET


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