2004-07-16 06:00:32 ET

Well! If this isn't a big fuck-all that I'm awake at 7:30 in the morning for NO GOOD REASON. I had a hard time falling asleep last night as it was. I blame my allergies for waking me up.


I'll be trying to go back to sleep after I write this, I'm sure.

To everyone who wished me luck yesterday, thanks! I don't know for sure if I got the job yet or not. I pretty much had to sit there yesterday and listen to the owner almost obsessively talk about garden gnomes. He said I would know for sure in a couple of days.

I found out another one of my friends is leaving town. I met up with Welton after my interview and consumed beer (among other things) with him. He told me that he is leaving for Tucson of all places at the beginning of next month. He almost had me convinced I should go as well. I'm still not sure. I keep flip-flopping back and forth on it. If Spoink! doesn't hire me I'll probably give this town a rest for at least a year. Besides, I'll have yet another friend there. Anyway, it was good hanging with him for the day. He did a good job of keeping my mind off the main thing that's troubling me.

Whoo! I just got an idea for where to store my stuff! I need to shoot off an e-mail to Scooter.

2004-07-16 09:51:07 ET

hey! this has nothing to do with anything, but I really like your new background photo. it's nice.

2004-07-16 10:57:05 ET

classic shot of me doing what i like to do. the pink had to go.

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