2004-08-13 11:17:07 ET

On the net for a little while today.

My life is chaos and my man is gone possibly forever. Today is day two of my forced single life. I hate it.

I miss my Johnny Grim

:( :( :( :(

2004-08-13 11:20:38 ET


2004-08-13 11:24:32 ET

thanks 5.

2004-08-13 11:53:27 ET

poor thing...squeeze my thumb if you get scared.

2004-08-13 11:58:07 ET

Not to be rude or anything, but who the hell are you?

2004-08-13 12:26:40 ET

25 minutes later...

I thought so. A nobody.

2004-08-13 12:42:39 ET

that sucks that he had to go...hopefully things work out that you two maybe reunited...(im not very good at being optimistic)...
and i hear you on the chaotic life...schedules and all mixed up and soo much going on...shit my life is almost starting to resemble my noise...

2004-08-13 12:57:32 ET

haha...thanks for the small ray of optimism. Everyone says he'll hate L.A. and be back in Portland before I know it. I'm not holding my breath, but I can hope that's true.

I think things would feel a little less chaotic if I wasn't living out of a garage at this moment, if I had a real address. Two months without a job has really hurt me this time around.

2004-08-13 13:30:08 ET

maybe you should move to Tucson along with me? ;)

2004-08-13 13:35:36 ET

You're moving to Tucson? When?

2004-08-13 13:36:08 ET

hopefully in January, maybe sooner.

2004-08-13 13:37:34 ET

I have friends there still. Plus one of my good friends from here just moved there for a year. Believe me, I'm tempted.

2004-08-13 13:38:07 ET


2004-08-13 13:39:17 ET

I already have the tan. haha!

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