2002-07-12 11:00:55 ET

Portland International Beer Fest is today! w00t!

Marvel at the Eruo-beers I WILL be drinking today here:

2002-07-12 12:20:28 ET

rock on!
what time were you guys headed over there?

2002-07-12 12:22:07 ET

sometime between 4 and 5.

2002-07-12 12:28:05 ET

damn, have loads of fun and sample as much as your tummies can handle! were you going to go to Dana's party tomorrow night?

2002-07-12 12:34:10 ET

i want to go but of course it's on a work night.

2002-07-12 21:41:25 ET

Lindemans Framboise---ahhhhhhhhhhhh *drooooooooooooollllll*

2002-07-12 23:15:54 ET

the cassis is my favorite. yum, black current...

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