Buyer's Curse
2002-07-13 00:07:49 ET

All I can say about the new avatar: I like my job a little too much. Why must I work a job that wants to swallow my pocket book as well as my life?

Vas, I took the scary pic of me off, you can open your eyes now. ;-P

2002-07-13 00:10:16 ET

Ack! When my eldest was about 1 year old I had my hair just like that! Oh nice lamp. ;)

2002-07-13 00:11:23 ET

it needs to be in my home.

2002-07-13 02:13:26 ET

Wow you aren't scary anymore.. woohoo. I have a lava lamp fetish too it's ok. There is a support group for folks like us.

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