Random Bigfoot sighting at DAS BUNKER...
2004-09-19 21:51:55 ET

...or is it just the grouch?

He sent me the link to a bunch of pics from Das Bunker in L.A. and claims to be in two of them. I think I saw 5arah's ass too.

Blah. I think I'm getting sick.

2004-09-19 21:54:21 ET

That IS my ass!

2004-09-19 21:58:49 ET

I thought so. The web is a wonderous and frightning place. I cyberspied/stalked you, 5. How do you feel about that? ;P

2004-09-19 22:04:11 ET

Wow! Sweet ass 5!

Glad to see you are ok Washu! I hope you feel better.

2004-09-20 07:32:18 ET

Ha! Who said anything about OK? I'm alive.

2004-09-23 03:08:49 ET

Yeah, well you are alive and on the internet and talking!

I do have an ex-Army flute player friend living in Portland now. I think she might be looking for a roomate I might be able to put you in contact if you are interested.

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