2002-07-14 23:52:10 ET

I got invited to go to my friend April's bbq tonight, ribs, hot chicken wings, and my friends Web and Pete djing. It was lots 'o fun. I got some pics of my friend Lori fire dancing. I also got to see a Japan only release of a Juno Reactor live dvd.

Tried to ignore the ex-boyfriend...

I tried to introduce both Lori and April to But damn, we were on a freakin' dial-up. So slow to load...

2002-07-15 00:02:45 ET

What kinda music did they have at the bbq? *if any*

2002-07-15 00:11:47 ET

mostly trancy-goa crap, until web and pete came on...then it was trancy,dmb,industrial stuff.

2002-07-15 00:21:58 ET

Ah ok, I'm a little into industrial, but a rookie at trance. Lol. Although, have you heard of OgRH; a few of my friends seem to really like them.

2002-07-15 00:33:32 ET

lol...there were enough hippies there to make me think i was at a rainbow gathering, blame it on the goa...

ogre's stuff on his own is a little iffy, he's more a vocalist than a musician, but i still love him.

2002-07-15 04:53:17 ET

OgRH? I gotta stop posting while high. :| Vocalist rather musician? Isn't that the case for most music these days?

2002-07-15 08:00:34 ET

eh? i gotta stop posting while drunk...

2002-07-15 13:14:32 ET

Hmm, I don't think we'd be the best 12 step tutors.

2002-07-15 17:01:53 ET

probably not. lol...

2002-07-15 18:24:02 ET

Although I'll let you in on a little secret. NyQuil: the 13th step. :D Hell, it's legal, OTC even. You drunk? "No, I got a cold. Umm, same cold I've had for 2 years".

2002-07-15 18:38:53 ET

ugh! cough syrup drunk/high...i have had friends that were into robitussin(sp). i tried it once a long time ago but got nothing out of it because it's not easy to throw back artificial cherry thickness. ewww.

2002-07-15 18:50:37 ET

Lmao... Nyquil still has it's original green death flavor. :D

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