So, yeah...
2004-12-17 13:43:27 ET

I'm back an' all. I'll try to update this thing here and there besides the playlists when I have something to say that I don't mind the entire world reading. I'm getting somewhat more private as my involvement in the net continues. Any work related rants tend to go into my LJ since they can be made private and I don't feel like having someone from my work stumble across one and getting me into trouble or something.

Last time I updated months ago I was truly homeless -not sleeping under bushes or anything like that (I have too many friends that wouldn't let that happen), but still no place of my own. I now have my job at the Red Light and a decent little studio apartment in SW under Pill Hill.

My grouch is still in LA and it still looks like I may never see him again (at least for a long, long time). It's taken five months to get over it. Feeling the need to burst into tears every time I thought of John was really wearing on me. I'm glad it seems to have stopped. I wish him luck. Meanwhile I'm ready to resume dating, as much as I hate it.

Bah! This week I have run out of money and food. I don't get paid until Monday and what little cash I have will be going towards bus fare for work. Someone needs to feed me.

2004-12-17 21:08:00 ET

I am glad things are going a little better for you. We can't have our Washu hungry and homeless now can we? Have a good holiday season too!

2004-12-19 18:45:56 ET

Thank you. Nice to get at least one response to news about my life as it is right now.

Hungry and homelessness = not fun...and already rethinking the dating thing. It all makes me so stressed. Payday is tomorrow and I pretended to have money in my checking account over the weekend, so I've not had too much of a problem eating over the last few days.

2004-12-20 04:34:00 ET

heh, believe me I know the feeling. I myself have been hungry and homeless in my younger years. Anyways, I am sure things will get better and there is nothing wrong with being single and fabulous!!! I am :)

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