Dementia 12/18
2004-12-20 22:37:02 ET

Dj Medusa
monolith - matrix b
architect - demo track 2
amon tobin - marine machines
xingu hill - bandwidth barons
pow[d]er pussy - cateatscuckoo
portion control - earl of kennington
download - mothersonne (newt rmx)
black lung - downtime disco dementia
mlada fronta - h2o
asche - distorted dj pt 4
sina - machine (die farben rmx)

dj emok
Klink - quiet in the room
Coil - Attack of the cennpods
KiEw - werkfrag
Wumpscut - Track 2 of Blood Child
Panacea Shares Needles with tarmvred - mothership
- toxic box
Terrorfakt- now you die (Club remix)
God Module - Impact
headscan - ascend
Combichrist - Blut Royale
funker vogt - narayan
Dulce Liquido - Dislocution
Amduscia - Beyond the Terrible darkness
Bi-God-20 - The Bog

Rev Dj RaZorslave
HP Lovecraft Historical Society - Demon Sultan Azazoth
Klute - Tequila Slammer
Oil 10 - Is it Sex?
Broken Fabiola - Japanese Call Girl (Manufactura Mix)
Combichrist - Sex Drugen and Industrial (Unlisted Mix)
Monolith - Biosphere
Soman - Tears (Featuring Lahannya)
Computorgirl - Understand
Converter Asche Morgenstern - In Hell
Die Form - Atomatic Love
Headscan - Dead Silver Sky (Protocol)
Wumpscut - Womb (Miserable Days Mix)

Dj Medusa
skinny puppy - morphous v2
laibach - achtung!
snog - bastard closet
haujobb - less (single mix)
die form - silent order
psychic tv - suspicious (thd rmx)
index - the model
portion control - is this me?
babyland - dyn-o-mite!
f/a/v - radical/relativ
cop shoot cop - got no soul
foetus - wash

dj emok
stuntrock - I'm Sick And Tired Of Acting Even Remotely Interested In What You're Talking About.
Covenant - Dead Stars
Venetian Snares - hours
Haujobb - depths

Rev Dj RaZorslave
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society - Do You Fear what I fear
Computorgirl - Sad Angel
Venetian Snares and Stunt Rock - girls don't like me
Die Form - The Hidden Cage
Winterkalte - smokey Mountians

Dj Uberlush
Das Ich - Kindgott
Converter - Deathtime
Feindflug - Stukas Im Vizier

Rev Dj RaZorslave
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society - Freddy the Red Brained Mi-Go


Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm so not use to using this thing at all. I forgot to mention here about the going away party for someone who was an early adopter for this site and was banned for something that was blown totally out of proportion Silly ancient drama...anyway, he is moving to Vegas at the end of this year and we got to take over Noir for this week as a result. I think I hurt myself freaking out on the dancefloor dancing to Foetus. Ow...

So much fun was had.

2004-12-20 22:46:49 ET

Damn, sounds like a good time! I miss having him around sometimes. He made me laugh quite often.

Dancing to Industrial music is the leading cause of death in Oregon.

2004-12-20 23:01:29 ET

Not it's not! Sudden death at the moment you realize you are are hipper than thou. It might be caused by the combination of over-use of hair product and tight jeans that cut off circulation. They just fuckin' pop. It's ugly.

Surprised you haven't added him on LJ. I'm sure he would add you back.

2004-12-20 23:07:01 ET

hum, I will do that. My list on LJ is mixed. I am going to do some cleaning soon. Oh yeah. You can stay because you are so smart and un-hippy like.

Oregon is the new home for all the hippies and meth labs. No wonder the Industrial Music scene is raging in PDX. You all ahve to fit back! Keep up the good fight brave Washu!

2004-12-22 16:06:48 ET

I prefer to have the meth left out of it. And, from what I can tell, most of my friends do just that. Or they may be nice enough to just leave it out of my sight! Who knows?

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