2004-12-21 13:08:34 ET


I feel the need to scream in as many places as possible. The net is good tool for it. Can you say "fired for being sick"?

I'm so fuckin' livid right now.

2004-12-21 13:31:44 ET

you got fired for being sick??! did you work in an aids ward or something? cause thats the only place i could see that happening

2004-12-21 13:34:24 ET

wow. i'm so sorry girl.

2004-12-21 13:36:09 ET

It hasn't happened yet, but seems to be in the works.

2004-12-21 13:37:41 ET

why, are they in a conspiracy against you? because the thought of being fired sucks. knowing you'll be fired soon sucks even harder.

2004-12-21 13:45:55 ET

-Cast Blizzaga on them, thus freezing them in their place.
-Take all of their money.

2004-12-22 12:23:46 ET

haha...story to follow...

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