Anger management though Distorted Disco
2004-12-30 10:27:36 ET

Is it the 30th already? I promised a broadcast for today, yes? Well, amid all this turmoil (the world’s and my own) I will bring you a show. I warn you, your lovely DJ has been in a foul mood for days now because of said turmoil. She will take it out on the radio with music that reflects her mood. Hooray for internet radio and the cathartic outlet it can be!

Today’s show goes out to the survivors of the tsunami in Asia, the people being flooded in So Cal and the SW, the Kerry voters, the wage-slaves that feel like their bosses are taking advantage of them, and everyone else who is just having a bad day in general. Click the link at 2 PM to listen.

I promise to not be so angsty next week. :)

DJ Medusa

"Rock and roll station is a station where we can do what we want to do"

2004-12-30 11:53:18 ET

my sister's ex bf was in thailand on vacation . . . and no one had heard from him since. :(

2004-12-30 11:56:48 ET

With the toll at 117,000 and rising, it's bound to touch someone you know. :(

2004-12-30 12:04:43 ET

Diggin' on the show, BTW.

But yeah, hooray for us wageslaves.

2004-12-30 12:10:51 ET

sorry for the technical difficulties, I'm having to rebuild the set list after a reboot.

2004-12-30 12:16:20 ET

Comin' in fine on my end.

2004-12-30 12:17:37 ET

I accidentally killed it at the begining of that NWW track.

2004-12-30 12:18:20 ET

Yeah, I jumped in on the middle of that.

2004-12-30 12:37:05 ET

Holy crap, that sucked. Playlist rebuilt. I'm making myself lunch now.

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