Portland Syko-meet Imminent
2002-07-16 18:53:45 ET

Axo is driving up from LA Friday. Haha! Little does he know what's in store for him. Antiore and I will have him walking from one end of west side to the other. Uber-tourist action, his feet will feel the results of it by the end of the day.

2002-07-16 19:15:51 ET

Haha, ohhh have fun with him!!!!

2002-07-16 19:18:18 ET

he will hopfully get to dance his butt off that night too.

oops! he is only driving from Eugene on Friday, not LA.

2002-07-16 19:20:53 ET

*packs shoes, hiking boots AND Docs* :)

and I'd BETTER be dancing me butt off! :D :D


2002-07-16 19:45:43 ET

ahhhhh Eugene, Portland, I'm jelous!

2002-07-16 20:35:42 ET

we will rock Axo's socks off Portland style!
d000d ... Saturday market, the Rose Gardens and Washington Park ... touristy fun, here we come!

2002-07-16 20:37:04 ET

damnit. I wanna come down there.
*is jealous of Axo*

2002-07-16 20:43:54 ET

*hijacks Warped and Chas to come to the Portland fun this weekend!*

2002-07-16 20:44:57 ET

*looks at his work hours this weekend*

2002-07-16 21:18:55 ET

aren't I supposed to armwrestle the Rev over whether future pop is industrial? :D :D

2002-07-16 21:20:06 ET

no...maybe tounge-wrestle...=P

2002-07-16 21:21:16 ET

but his is full of...you know!!!

2002-07-16 21:22:40 ET


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