Slick Idiot
2002-07-19 02:29:00 ET

So I managed to get some choice pictures of the show tonight. And, with a lot of pestering, I got En Esch to sign some cds for me (he was sweet once everyone else got out his face). Gunter had to make me feel like an ass and point out that he was not only on one of the disks but on all three that I had brought. I had no idea he was on Naive. He wasn't going by Gunter Schulz then. He insisted and said that he has never signed an album he wasn't on.

I had so much fun meeting those guys and so much more I could write about it if it wasn't nearly 4:30 in the morning. Must sleep soon.

Axo-visit tomorrow! ...or should I say today?

Pics soon!

Bye Felix and En...

2002-07-19 05:10:04 ET


2002-07-19 13:58:24 ET

EN ESCH, you lucky bitch!

2002-07-19 15:29:53 ET

*turns green*

2002-07-19 17:02:33 ET

too bad they didnt show up at unterzone.. i was looking forward to meeting them

2002-07-19 17:05:30 ET

yeah, but the show ended at 1:30am after a late start. they weren't even fully packed up when we left the Paris around 2:30.

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