2002-07-19 15:24:18 ET

I eagerly await the arrival of my green barcode shirt and have made a donation. I feel like I'm a good citizen of Subkultures.


2002-07-19 15:27:51 ET

And you got the last Large too! I could kick myself! I emailed the person making my shirts, telling them to only send me four L's, instead of 5. 0.0

I will have to wait till I order another batch, because it's too late to sneak a larger order in now. :(

I should have the shirts by next week. eep! I 'm so excited :)

2002-07-19 15:39:45 ET

Yay! Last one! I needed the large just in case I want to share it with the rev. I might not though, his big head stretches all collars.

2002-07-19 15:44:33 ET


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