Axo Visit Part Two
2002-07-21 16:37:04 ET


The rev and I meet Axo and Antoire downtown in the early afternoon. We spent the greater part of the day walking around. We took him to Saturday Market, the Shanghi Tunnel for some lambic, Sparticus Leathers for the novelty of it, and to Ozone UK since they just opened. We tried to go to the Chinese gardens but got there too late. So we drove up to the rose gardens and stopped to smell the roses. By 9pm we were all hot and tired so we came back to the apartment and watched Trey Parker's Orgazmo. Ant only got four hours of sleep the night before so they left after the movie.

Today Ant brought Axo down to 23rd to see me at work before he had to hit the road. We had lunch and said our good-byes.

It was good meeting Axo. He such a nice guy. :D

2002-07-21 16:43:35 ET

goodness, where do you all live? it seems like there are large clumps of all over.

2002-07-21 16:50:12 ET

Portland, OR. There are nine(?) users that currently reside here. Axo is from the LA area.

2002-07-21 17:53:28 ET

poo.. i didnt get a chance to say hi

and i did play "in hell" for you guys but you had already left.

2002-07-21 17:55:16 ET

damn, that song would've been fitting for the night.

2002-07-21 17:59:58 ET

yeah sorry you guys hated what i was playing.. trust me i hated it too.. but such is the backroom.. or djing in portland for that matter.

2002-07-22 19:46:30 ET

sorry not to have chatted with ya, dj ophelia! I will be back. that place is a rather tough venue, and just so you know, the speakers are kinda shot on the dance floor, so it actually sounds better where we were sitting and standing.

:):):) washu! oh and Spartacus...hehe that's no NOVELTY! er, well maybe certain products were somewhat unusable by mortals.

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